Now Vodafone is going shut down is true. More of customer network not come to Connectivity is bad so this reason is it possible Vodafone is shutdown government during AGR (Adjusted Gross Revenue) On his income they 1% giving the government and Vodaphone already not paid 50000 thousand crores are already overdue now the problem is Vodafone also want to give this amount there is some clash. Vodafone says the government our income that amount deducted. The government say not your income ur asset include and amount also a penalty that reason Vodafone 50000thousand crore loss.

If Reliance Jio and Airtel come Vodafone 2lakh crore loss there some big loss of company Vodafone says part amount deposit to the government but government say no we want full amount so there one solution Vodafone shutdown and paid the government amount.

If Vodafone closes more employees are unemployed 30 crore use were to go there connection. Now the big problem market if market fight through competition three company fight so monopoly have come in airtel and Reliance Jio are market affected if Vodafone closed same as the idea also they also going to shut down


Why Vodafone Idea May Not Shutdown? Steps Company Plans to take.

  1. Pay part AGR dues before the 23rd January deadline. VIL can pay up to Rs. 4000 crore to show the court and government they have the intent to stay afloat and do business.

  2. Ask the Government to re-evaluate the dues and offer either more relief in terms of payment schedule or the interest on principal payment.

  3. According to DOT VIL owes 53,000 Crore in dues. Whenever the company is doing self-assessment of these & sources say they may owe Rs. 44,000 Crore.

  4. The government owes VIL Rs. 9000 crore as GST input credit that the company intends to use to pay the AGR dues.

  5. They are planning to sell the data centres and optic fibre business along with an 11% stake in the Indus Towers to raise money.

  6. Also, the cash flow for the company improved as they have increased the rates by up to 40%.

Vodafone Idea Investment in 4G Network Expansion to Save Cash

While existing orders are being fulfilled by the vendor, Vodafone Idea has put its new 4G expansion plans for greenfield sites on the major technology-driven investments on hold”. Vodafone&Idea is distressed and without the Government’s help, the ship may sink. Both ABG and Vodafone PLC have already raised hands and are not committing to invest Rs. 53000 Crore to bail out the company from the harsh AGR judgment. 

The 4G Vendors and technology partners for the company – ZTE, Huawei, Nokia, and Erricson are worried about their dues and the uncertainty of future orders from the company.

The company to pay the instalment for the AGR dues on 24th January, and this is seen as a measure to save some cash and pay the due amount. Meanwhile Airtel, Vodafone-Idea has also fill a review petition against the Supreme Court order and has also urged the government to look at the relief to ensure the companies can survive.

The flip side of not committing to network expansion is the adverse effect on network quality. Users may suffer more call drops, slower data speeds, and poor call clarity. Notably, Airtel and JIO are already ahead of Vodafone-Idea in the number of towers they are operating. 

VIL subscribers are already unsure about the future of the company and may port out if they face network related issues. It is a catch-22 situation for the once impregnable telecom giant. 

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