Reliance Jio Think To Increase Data Price

Reliance Jio Think To Increase Data Price

Reliance Jio says voice tariff continue under there forbearance as before.Reliance Jio also say the data floor price should also cover the bundle tariff with the clear defined element


Reason To Increase The Data Charges

Reliance Jio has appeal to TRAI that wireless data prices are increased to ₹20 per GB from ₹15 per GB currently, after six to nine months suggesting floor rate for data price.When advocating TRAI's intervention to prescribe floor price for wireless data service, Jio says voice tariff should continue under forbearance as before as the same will affect the masses and will be difficult to the implement.

The consulting paperwork of TRAI on Tariff issues in Telecom Services, the company says the typical Indian consumer is very price sensitive & target floor price should be implemented in 2 to 3 tranches to minimise the impact of the increase in tariff. Therefore said once data floor price is implemented, should be uniformly implemented across all tariffs and applicable to all segments individuals and corporate.

The Reliance Jio company says the data floor price should also cover the bundled tariff with clearly defined elements. There are many chances to hike the price data charges of Reliance Jio. The main reason for a hike the reliance jio price is company want to pay there due to charges to TRAI and they cover for his money in the customer. So not only reliance jio increase their price many other telecom companies are increasing their price.

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