Krook: Serious vulnerability affected encryption of billion+ Wi‑Fi devices

Krook: Serious vulnerability affected encryption of billion+ Wi‑Fi devices

Krook name-new vulnerability found in apple device and android device also this vulnerability in wifi chip. Is the and any device build-in they are many chip inserts in the hardware then the software will work. Cyprus & Broadcom develop the wifi chip all device Full mac WLAN name chip is affected in this Krook name vulnerability. If u connected they any device to wifi they effect to surf data on the internet is decrepit. If any hacker read all your data they access your device. Now Apple & Amazone company patched this thing. But some android mobile can't be patched this thing. How to secure this thing update your phone is patch come in your phone.ESET Company found this vulnerability, Krook . Many android give the update to patched this thing so update your phone

ESET Confirmed Test

Tests confirmed that vulnerability to patching, some client devices Amazon (Echo, Kindle), Apple (iPhone, iPad, MacBook), Google (Nexus), Samsung (Galaxy), Raspberry (Pi 3), Xiaomi (RedMi), as well as some access points by Asus and Huawei, were vulnerable to Krook. This totalled to a billion Wi-Fi-capable devices & access points, at a conservative estimate. Many vendors whose product not test also use the affected chipsets in their devices.The vulnerability also affects both the WPA2-Personal and WPA2-Enterprise protocols, with AES-CCMP encryption.

Krook is related to Crack Key Reinstallation Attacks, discovered in 2017 by Mathy Vanhoef, it also fundamentally different. At the beginning of the research, found Krook to be one of the possible causes behind the “reinstallation” of an all-zero encryption key, observed in tests for Crack attacks. This followed our previous findings that Amazone Echo vulnerable to Crack


provides an overview of the bug at the chip level. While do not have detailed visibility into the inner workings of the effect chips, believe the schematic (based on the CYW4356 chip specification) captures the cause and basic idea of the vulnerability. Kr00k manifests itself after a disassociation. Once a station’s WLAN session gets disassociated (1), the session key (TK) stored in the Wireless Network Interface Controller’s (WNIC) Wi-Fi chip is cleared in-memory – set to zero (2). This is expected behaviour, as no further data is supposed to be transmitted after the disassociation. However, we discovered that all data frames that were left in the chip’s Tx (transmit) buffer were transmitted (4) after being encrypted with this all-zero key (3).


The vulnerability primarily affects FullMAC WLAN chips manufactured by Broadcom and Cypress. These chip manufacturers have a high market share – it is safe to say that Broadcom chips are used by the majority of today’s Wi-Fi-capable devices. Cypress chips are widely used in IoT devices. The client devices that we positively tested in our lab to be vulnerable to Kr00k include:
• Amazon Echo 2nd gen
• Amazon Kindle 8th gen
• Apple iPad mini 2
• Apple iPhone 6, 6S, 8, XR
• Apple MacBook Air Retina 13-inch 2018
• Google Nexus 5
• Google Nexus 6
• Google Nexus 6P
• Raspberry Pi 3
• Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505
• Samsung Galaxy S8
• Xiaomi Redmi 3S We estimate that the number of affected devices, before patching, was well over a billion as a billion marks is passed by counting only the number of affected iPhone generations we tested. We have also tested some devices with Wi-Fi chips from other manufacturers, including Qualcomm, Realtek, Ralink, MediaTek and did not see the vulnerability manifest itself. We have not tested every possible Wi-Fi chip by every manufacturer, so while we are currently not aware of other affected chips, we also cannot rule this out.


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