futuristic artificial intelligence face technology background


Artificial Intelligence future of our next generation usually we are all work done in help of machine but in future the all of our work doing in the robot. In this Time our robot not so intelligent but we are the trust of our technology human provide the updated version of robot they work as human

Advantage of Robot technology

  1. All work is done by the robot

  2. Less time use

  3. Save money and time both

  4. Efficiency of work

But in future, we depend on the robot so these are a big problem because we are not doing any type of physical work so our body is not fit. If any problem creat robot risk for our life so these are problem face to in robot technology in our future but every problem are the solution.So now ready to leave advance future they are more exciting to leave. America is more hard work to develop artificial technology. India is doing hard work always research how to more efficient to the robot.


Important  Robot technology

Robotics, design, construction, & uses of machines (robots) to perform tasks done traditionally by human beings. Robots are widely used in such industries as automobile manufacture to perform a simple repetitive task, and in an industry where work must be performed in environments hazardous to humans. Many aspects of robotics involve AI robots may be equipped with the equivalent of human senses such as vision, touch, and the ability to sense temperature. Some are even capable of simple decision making, and current robotics research is geared toward devising robots with a degree of self-sufficiency that will permit mobility and decision-making in an unstructured environment. Today’s industrial robots do not resemble human beings; a robot in human form is called an android.


Manufacturing,the industry that makes products from raw materials by the use of manual labour & machine and that is usually carried out systematically with a division of labour (industry) more limited sense, manufacturing denotes the fabrication or assembly of components into finished products on a fairly large scale. The most important manufacturing industries are those that produce aircraft, automobiles, chemicals, clothing, computers, consumer electronics, electrical equipment, furniture, heavy machinery, refined petroleum products, ships, steel, and tools and dies.

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