New Earth Found In Our Galaxy

New Earth Found In Our Galaxy

Our neighbourhood in space is turning out to be quite the populous planet precinct. Astronomers have found a new exoplanet just a little bit bigger than Earth, orbiting a red dwarf star just 66.5 light-years away.It's an excellent candidate, they say, to help fill our vast knowledge gap about the small, rocky planet population of our Milky Way galaxy. The new earth found in our galaxy is name by planet X they look like earth but those planet are million year ago. If today will start journey for planent x  we are are reach our reach our destniation in 120 year. It this time to Reach planent X is impossible. Our galaxy more secreat our scientist not explore for all galaxy.

NASA Build a new telescope to more explore of galaxy so those telescope ready in 2022 it is help to the scientist to explore our galaxy

The researchers recommended that future space missions plan for a range of possible incidences of Earth-like planets - between one for every 33 sun-like stars and one for every two sun-like stars. "One of the important things here is not just giving a single number but understanding the range of possibilities," Ford said. "So that people who have to make decisions could hope for the best and plan for the worst and still be able to come up with a solid scientific strategy."

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