India’s first manned mission to space ‘Gaganyaan’ identified: ISRO


First Manned Mission Isro

India's first manned mission to space 'Gaganyaan' identified: ISRO

Four India Airforce Complet there winter training in Russia so ISRO are doing for some testing for there Gaganyaan Mission . After Chandryaan-3 ISRO secound mission on first manned mission on Gaganyaan. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) t said the training of astronauts for India's ambitious 'Gaganyaan' manned space mission will start from in Russia. Four astronauts have been identified for the mission, ISRO chief K Sivan said. Work related to Chandrayaan-3 & Gaganyaan was going on simultaneously, he said.

We had good progress on Gaganyaan in 2022, many of the designs were completed. Four astronauts have been identified for the training purpose. The training for the astronauts who are from the Indian Air Force will be planned in the third week of January which will take place in Russia," said Sivan.


What is Gaganyaan mission?

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Russia will train the Indian astronauts for Gaganyaan mission. In Scheduled for 2022, the mission is expected to carry Four astronauts, who will be picked from among the test pilots in the Indian armed forces. The chosen Four astronauts will be sent to space for seven days onboard Gaganyaan, a crew capsule, to be launched with the help of Geo-Synchronous Launch Vehicle (GSLV).

The Gaganyaan is successful, India would become the fourth nation to achieve these feat.


K Sivan said that this year is going to be an eventful year for ISRO.


This year is also going to be an eventful year for ISRO. This year is going to the year of Chandrayan-3 and Gaganyaan. We have planned another satellite for this year i.e. GSAT 20. Many targets been planned for 2020 & 2021. For Gaganyan many systems need to be tested before flight. Crew training is the another major activity that is going to happen this year, said by the Sivan.

Sivan added that ISRO is planning to undertake many major projects, new developments and at the same time launch the satellites required for societal purpose as well.


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